Semitae Mentis is out!

“Semitae Mentis” has been released via @amputatedveinrecords and @earacherecords digital distribution!
You can purchase the album HERE!

1. The I Swells… (Decadence pt.I)
2. Atavic Future (Decadence pt.II)
3. The Days of Sleep (Decadence pt.III)
4. Beyond Perception and Matter
5. Dirac Sea
6. The Night opens
7. On the Edge of the Abyss
8. Thousand Lives Within
9. Individuality Dissolves
10. …To the Coldest Decline (Decadence pt.IV)
Artwork by @erskine.designs
Mixing and mastering by @chthoniangod at @16th_cellar_studio
Drums and vocals recorded by @twistpunk at
Guitars and bass recorded by @mirkofrontini at Black Moon Studio

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