Billy Repalam – Bass

Manuel Del Giudice – Drums

Mirko Frontini – Vocals and Guitar

Riccardo Maccarana – Lead Guitar

Spiritual Deception is an atmospheric death metal band, with hints of technical and brutal death metal, active since 2016. 

The band has a deep connection with philosophy and owes its name to a theory from the Danish philosopher Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, which resonated deeply with the band members: This theory suggests that when individuals analyze a particular circumstance, they inevitably approach it from different points of view. Extending this idea to the ethical realm, it implies that nothing can be definitively categorized as objectively good or bad, true or false, as judgment is deeply rooted in everyone’s own perspective. As a result, there is no objective truth, your soul is constantly deceived.

Since its inception, the band has released 3 EPs – “Spiritual Deception” (2018), “Etemenanki” (2019), and “Oxymoron” (2021) – as well as one full-length album, “Semitae Mentis” (2024). The sound has evolved stowards a modern death metal, with brutal guitar riffing and blasting drums, combined with melodic elements, which go from guitar harmonies to liturgical choirs and string ensembles. The result of the combination of these elements is a sound which satisfies all kinds of listeners, from the brutal to the more sophisticated ones. The lyrical themes explore philosophy, astronomy, history, and literature, aiming to ignite curiosity about these subjects alongside a passion for music in the listener. To achieve this goal, the band strives to deliver a complete product, well-finished in both music and lyrics, as well as artwork and media content.

With the release of “Oxymoron”, in October 2021, the band earned recognition as the ‘best self-produced album of the month’ in the December 2021 issue of Rock Hard Magazine and an interview in the January 2022 issue of the same magazine. In August 2022 Manuel was featured on Sickdrummer Magazine with ‘Hidden in Consciousness’ playthrough and in late 2023 a collaboration with DR Strings was announced. The band gained further visibility and aroused the attention of fans and the underground scene, creating huge expectations for the upcoming full-length record ‘Semitae Mentis‘. The album features the collaboration of Karl Sanders (Nile), in the track ‘Thousand Lives Within’, and Luc Lemay (Gorguts), in the track ‘Dirac Sea’.

On February 8th 2024 Decibel Magazine premiered ‘Semitae Mentis’: “The Italian band isn’t afraid to keep it weird with this record, chugging through odd time signatures and epic choruses and keeping it catchy and listenable while also showing off their technical prowess.” On February 9th the record was released through Amputated Vein Records and Earache Records Digital Distribution.

The band is currently promoting the album with tours in Italy and Europe.

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